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Helene Russell (ITEC)

My goal as a therapist is to bring balance and harmony to body, mind and soul.  A Reiki Master and working as a holistic practitioner for 25 years in London, South Africa and Spain.

Gua Sha massage as been traditionally used in eastern countries for thousands of years involving scraping a flat jade and rose quartz crystals.

Tones the muscles of the face, instantly lifts, sculpts, contours and plumps the skin.. Relaxes muscle tension in the face and neck. Aids neck pain & headaches brought on by tight muscle or fascia Boosts blood flow & circulation.  Moves stagnant blood that contributes to dark circles & under-eye bags. Reduces lines and wrinkles De-puffs and slims the face.


Amnaia Csurilla

Begin a journey to complete relaxation, an oasis of calm a place in where you can re-balance the needs of your body, mind and soul. Designed to bring balance and equilibrium to each and every individual, Amnaia offers a range of holistic treatments and therapies from around the world.

Detox massage softens and exfoliates the skin, improves muscle tone. Ideal for people with heavy legs, bad circulation and cellulite.Detox massage with herbal powder (Uses herbal powder mixed with warm oil, for bad circulation, heavy legs, cellulite,weight loss).

Recommended for those who suffer from: Anxiety, insomnia, headaches, blocked digestion, blocked lymphatic system, shoulder problems and stress.
Description: (Meridian & pressure points stimulation, energy healing, with relaxing head massage).

It’s about setting an atmosphere, creating an energy, being in a particular vibe. The way in which the massage is approached is as important as the techniques themselves. ZEN – massage includes:

  • Working on the human energy field, on the physical body and in the human aura
  • Deeper pressure techniques; such as meridian stimulation and acupressure
  • Passive joint mobilizations and stretches, such as muscle energy technique
  • Appropriate techniques from related bodywork traditions such as cranio-sacral therapy and shiatsu, and tibetan massage

Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils to achieve therapeutic benefits. A relaxing aromatherapy massage, for instance, might have lavender or bergamot, while a massage for sore muscles might include peppermint and eucalyptus.

Before your first aromatherapy massage session, your massage therapist will conduct an initial consultation with you to learn about your desired outcome. It is a great relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The benefits of aromatherapy massage affect a wide range of health conditions of nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and muscular systems, it is a pleasant method for mental clarity, relaxation, stress and headaches alleviation, boost well being, relieve stress and help to refresh your body.

Consultation and Practice

Back/neck pain is one of the most common causes of pain among adults. The majority of acute episodes of back/neck pain will resolve quickly and without persistent disability. Back/neck pain can recur frequently and become persistent.

Physical therapy has proved to be an effective non-invasive option for management of acute spinal disorders, prevention of recurrence of spinal disorders and preventing/limiting the use of opioids for pain management.

The original Bach Flower Remedies is a safe and natural method of healing discovered by Dr. Bach from 1920 – 1930’s in England.

They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

The Bach Flower Remedies are made from wild flowers and are safe for everyone including pets.

Do you suffer from;

Always tired, fatigue, not sleeping well, not feeling rested in the morning?
Acidity and digestive issues?
Asthma, Bronchitis, coughs?
Brittle, weak nails, thin and greasy hair?
Cold hands and feet, running nose, often a cold?
Cracked heels?
Dry skin, impure skin (pimples, acne)?
Headaches, migraines?
Menstruation issues?
Prostate problems?
Spider bursts, Varicose veins?

A Facial Analysis is the answer – because all mineral deficiencies can be discovered in your face! Those essential minerals your body would need in order to work properly.  The assessment consists of a Facial Analysis & Tissue Salt consultation.


Nicola Ingram

A Level 5 therapist with 20 years industry experience, fully qualified,insured and registered to work in Spain for your peace of mind. Small or large groups (minimum 2 people).

Using a creative integration of bodywork including facial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, hot stone fusion, acupressure and assisted stretching
to help ease your pain, increase your movement, and move you into a place of relaxation and healing.  Incorporating the bio psycho social model which takes into consideration a wide range of physical, emotional and social factors involved in your pain and discomfort.

  • Ease your pain
  • Increase your movement
  • Improve energy
  • Balance emotions

Recommended for those who suffer from anxiety, stress,headaches, sports injuries, chronic fatigue, neck pain, back pain, whiplash and repetitive strain injury.

Beautiful skin facial harmonising the healing powers of medicinal plants and soothing massage rituals to transform your skin from inside and out.

LE PURE – High Performance Organic Skincare
Anti-aging formulas are based on the absolute concentration of  100% active ingredients which is achieved by using only physical transformation processes such as cold pressing and maceration to preserve all rejuvenating plant nutrients. These precious high-vibrational, certified organic plant ingredients are the basis of their skin-transforming superfood potions.

  • Organic
  • Raw
  • Edible
  • Superfood Facial
  • 100% Active Ingredients
  • High Performance

Reiki is a gentle and natural energy healing system which can be used to target specific health concerns or as a relaxation technique to promote general well being. Thought to open the body’s energy channels to accelerate physical, and emotional healing.

During a session the practitioner channels energy through their hands using their intuition to sense where healing is needed most. There is little or no pressure making this treatment safe for any age group including pregnant women and those recovering from surgery.

  • Improve your energy
  • Holistic healing
  • Deep relaxation
  • Meditative

Reiki is administered fully clothed and can sometimes bring feelings of heat, cool, or tingling. Rei (universal being) ki (life force) is an ancient treatment modality thought to date back thousands of years.

(Also known Thermal Auricular Therapy) is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, it is used to offer real and calming benefits for many problems and conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat areas. A Hopi ear candle treatment is a deeply relaxing, calming and soothing experience.
Helps with:

  • Blocked ears
  • Tinnitus
  • Headaches
  • Hayfever
  • Before / after flying

Hopi Ear Candling + fusion of advanced massage techniques to reduce tension in certain muscles that can cause headaches migraines. Lymph drainage to aid in clearing the sinuses and relieving tension in the jaw and neck

Indian Head Massage is a safe, and gentle therapy. It is also very effective at relieving all different types of pains, and
re-energising your body. The massage promotes a deep sense of peace, calm and serenity. It is performed through clothes whilst seated and is a gentle and balancing therapy.At times of stress when often we neglect our bodies, an Indian Head Massage can bring awareness back to the body and the breathing.

A bespoke menu of beauty therapy treatments are available, a splendid idea for special celebrations including Hen Party, Weddings and Birthdays. Contact to discuss your requirements.

  • Manicures & Pedicures
  • Brow & Lash Treatments
  • CACI Microcurrent Lifting Facials