Evgenia (Eva) Gaevskaya LCS Zen Coach

Tennis Lessons at Oodles Retreat

Evgenia (Eva) Gaevskaya is the LCS Zen Coach has played tennis since the age of 4, but she claims to experience the real victories as an adult. She has devoted her work to practicing both technical and mental sides of tennis. Working with children and adults, groups and individual players, in fact anyone whose goal is to learn how to play the game, or anyone who is willing to improve their technical and mental game of tennis.

Here’s what to expect!

Learn about the core principle of the inner game of tennis.
Learn what it really means to look at the ball
Learn how to breath correctly when playing
Learn why relaxation is crucial
Learn “THE GODESS OF ALL TIPS” that will change your game for the best
Learn many drills both for technical and mental game

Individual session 1 hour €40 or 10 sessions for £350

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