Choose Life – Meet The Team

Whether you want to find yourself, create yourself or lose yourself, our Choose Life Programmes have everything needed for your mind, body and soul.  It gives you the option to get out whatever you want. 

We understand your uniqueness, your specific personal needs and your own individual journey. The programmes are designed to help you focus on the important things in life, giving you the confidence to fill your life with new choices. 

Meet the creators of Choose Life …whatever your perfect holiday, come and have it with us!

Anita Csurilla
Global Yoga Teacher

I believe the only way to experience ourselves and grow is through human connections. Helping others means helping ourselves. My work is my passion, and as a yoga instructor and holistic health and massage therapist, I like to help people to make themselves feel comfortable in their practice, in their bodies and ensure a safe experience for everyone. Combining the principles of yoga, meditation, massage and many different healing techniques is a core strength of my teaching and therapeutic work.

Born and raised in Hungary I am  a qualified Hatha yoga and Yin Yoga teacher. My yoga style became more influenced by “Therapy Yoga” through my own personal healing experiences. I have also studied other forms of yoga including Vinyasa flow, Chakra Yoga, Restorative- and Taoist Yoga and combined them with Qi Gong and other energy practices. In my classes I pay particular attention to the individual needs of the present conditions of my students. My way of teaching is a special yoga therapy for people who want to understand what the mind and body really needs.


Having studied alternative healing therapies at the Mantra University of Alternative Science between 2009 and 2011 and through my continuous passion for learning I deepened my knowledge in meditation techniques and other therapies such as Bach flower Therapy, Numerology, Astrology, Mayofascial release, Facial Analysis and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I now specialise in helping people to reconnect with their bodies and deepen their relationships within themselves, others and the world around them. I would like to share some simple techniques with you, that you can use in everyday life to become more balanced and more in tune with yourself. As a therapist my body treatments have a variety of ayurveda and  tibetan meridian massage combined with energy healing and body energy points stimulation. This results in a unique relaxing and healing experience that creates proper energy flow, soothing the soul and promoting ultimate balance and wellbeing.

Phil Evans
Fitness Instructor

After qualifying as a level 3 personal trainer and sports massage therapist in 2008 I finally found my true path. As a lifelong fitness enthusiast and self analyst I have used all my own experience as a participant and trainer and married it together with my interest in psychology and science to develop my own unique style and teaching. This enables me to identify how best to help people understand their bodies and obtain the results they desire. Working with all levels of fitness and abilities both privately and online and having spent 6 years working in retreats I have helped hundreds of people to learn how to enjoy exercise and experience the huge benefits it has to offer. Exercise has to be stressful for the body to respond and adapt, it doesn’t mean it has to be unenjoyable. The key to exercise is finding a way to make it pleasurable and less painful. Depending on your likes and dislikes and personality traits we can find a way to make it exciting and rewarding.

Cristina Pratt Johnson
Life-Coach | Counsellor

As an experienced psychotherapist, life-coach and counsellor I am committed to helping you to achieve positive outcomes in many different areas of your life. We can work together in order to enable you to improve your self esteem, overcome fear, change unwanted behavior, resolve conflicts or give you the ability to reach your goals, whatever they may be. I can help you improve your relationships, improve your communication even improve your learning ability. Wherever you feel you are not realizing your potential or being held back in your life, I can help you to gather or access the resources you need to get the future you want and deserve.

In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) we believe that everyone has a different map of reality and in order to understand each other, we need to see and understand the map of the other person. It works with the unconscious mind and is therefore very effective and goes directly to the root of the problem.

Michelle Lodge Gonzalez
Practitioner of Reiki,
Reflexology and Kinesiology

Michelle is an intuitive healing practitioner of reiki, reflexology and kinesiology.

Michelle’s drive towards the alternative healing approach started when she was a child, influenced by her parents with a view to the holistic and natural healing methods.

When she was 13 years old she qualified in reiki I, followed by reiki II and reiki III later on in life. At the age of 25 she travelled to London to study reflexology at the world-renowned International Institute of Reflexology (IIR) and a few years later studied kinesiology at The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology, also in London.

Residing in Spain since the year 2000, she is currently working out of Centro Terapeutico Javea in the Costa Blanca area, as well as working at health retreats with a team of specialists.

Her passion and enthusiasm within the health field has helped hundreds of people achieve a higher level of health by looking at the person’s lifestyle, including diet, emotional upsets, and energetic disturbances. By working on the imbalances which are contributing to the root cause of the symptom, and the client making some lifestyle changes at home, are all steps that can bring about equilibrium within the body, mind and spirit.


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