Your 7 Day Journey

Choose Life “Fitness”
Introductory Offer £1100 per person based on 2 people sharing (Minimum Group Size 12)

If you’re one of those people that go all out or nothing, you can understand that exercise feels better the harder you work for it and even a rest day can turn into a marathon session.

What about those of you that have lost your way and you’re not achieving your goals or you’ve fallen out of love with exercise and want to rekindle that passion, blow away mental blocks and get a better understanding of exercise.

You may just want to take your training to the next level in a safe, structured and supported environment, be around like minded positive people or just have a healthy holiday.

Whatever your reason, imagine having time to unwind, destress and relax but still go home feeling fitter, stronger and knowing that you overcame challenges, fears and self imposed limitations.

Imagine filling your day with activities, immersed in natures most beautiful surroundings. Trying new experiences and discovering different training ideas but also learning how to find balance in your life.  Where understanding and enjoying techniques to recharge, rebalance and reflow your energy will leave you ready to take on the world again.

If you love exercise or even if you don’t but want to understand why, then this one is for you my kindred soul!


A Typical Day


8:00 Yoga
A gentle Yoga Flow to focus your body and mind and prepare yourself for action.
9:00  Breakfast
Breakfast for champions, it’s gonna be a big day, you have to ensure that there’s sufficient healthy fuel in the tank.
10:00 Toning Class
Letting the breakfast settle and easing the body into the day.  Flush out the previous days work and start switching the body and mind back on.
11:00 HIIT Class
HIIT – Let’s do this – Nuff said!
12:00 Activity
Still something left? Wind it down before lunch, the day is still young.
13:00 Lunch
Re-charge, re-vitalise and repair.  Always healthy, always delicious, always more where that came from.
14:00 Mountain Hike
Get out and explore, we’ve got mountains, we’ve got the sea, we can go up it, in it or over it.  It will get your heart rate up and the endorphins flowing.
17:00 Activity
Are you kidding me? Was that not enough? Ok let’s rebound, lets go play volleyball, let’s have races in the heated pool.
18:00 Dinner
Completely refuel the body, healthy and restoring, tasty and never boring.  You are what you eat but this food doesn’t come from a machine.
20:00 Yoga
Yin Yoga & Relaxation to settle yourself down and provide a proper rest for your hardworking body.



Whether it’s  HIIT or toning, core or rebounding, classes are carefully designed and supervised for all levels and abilities. We have the facilities to be inside or outside and all instructors are carefully chosen to ensure optimal results in a safe and fun environment.


Get on your bike!

Stunning coastal roads and pathways that can take you up to the mountains and down to the beach.  This area is regularly used by the top riders and enthusiastic amateurs because of its diversity of routes and spectacular scenery.  Having the luxury of our on-site bikes gives you the opportunity to venture a little further should you feel the need.  There are many routes and plenty of sights to see and cycling gives you a fantastic low impact workout while still giving so many benefits.


Mountain Hikes!

We have a number of peaks in the region that are just waiting to be conquered.  Follow us up established routes and ancient pathways and experience incredible views as you literally will be feeling on top of the world.



If you like to get out and do a little extra exercise we have a few gentle walking routes around the retreat. Quiet roads and beautiful scenery can create an energizing power walk or a relaxing stroll. 


Kayaking the Coast!

Working together with experienced instructors and guides we have incredible tours that involve hidden coves, beautiful beaches, cathedral like sea caves and snorkeling in the warm crystalline waters joining the huge variety of colourful marine life.



Yoga for body mind and soul will include therapeutic yoga, yin yoga and yoga flow.  All the classes have a different focus including hips, spine, legs, upper body, chakras, breath and the mind. 


Treatments & Therapy

During your retreat, we offer you a choice of therapies and treatments.
Our experts are available to you exclusively.
So many treatments to choose from you’ll want to extend your stay.


Choose Life “Fitness” Retreat