Your 7 Day Journey

Choose Life “Adventure”
Introductory Offer £1100 per person based on 2 people sharing (Minimum Group Size 12)

So probably about 300 million years ago the earth was created.  Over this time oceans formed and mountains rose up from the sea bed.  Weather systems forged rivers through hard rock and at some point humans evolved and became what we are today. 

But some were made different…
There’s a very small minority of people that even with the upmost respect for our earth and its beautiful magnificence, it’s not enough for them to see it from afar.  Those that see a mountain and want to climb it. Those that know the value of reaching a place that not anyone can get to, that place where you can’t catch a plane, train or automobile.  Those places that are only accessible by sweat or helicopter. Where the photos will never do it justice and nor should they because it’s not just about the view, it’s about the endeavour, the adventure and the challenge.

This area of the Costa Blanca has a fantastic variety of natural beauty and fun activities that can be explored and indulged in a safe environment and with experienced guides.  The programme still includes the principles and structure of the “Choose Life” philosophy but…

If a holiday for you is a chance to get out and explore the world and learn new skills.  To be in nature, to feel the elements and take on everything that mother nature can throw at you.

Then welcome to paradise intrepid explorer, you have found your home. The world is not a museum it’s your playground.


A Typical Day

8:00 Yoga
Get in the flow of Life with Sunrise Yoga in the most beautiful surroundings of the Costa Blanca
9:00  Breakfast
Healthy and hearty fit for a king. The most important meal of the day and fuel for the forthcoming endeavours
10:00 Activity
Once your breakfast has settled we will be indulging in a gentle activity to get the systems moving, the heart pumping and revitalising the body from the previous days work.  Nothing too strenuous just a little livener.
11:00 Chill
With so many facilities available at the retreat we thought it only right to give you some time to enjoy them.  This is your time to work, to rest or to play.
12:00  Class
We love a bit of structured exercise here at Choose Life and we understand that most of our guests do as well so we give you a power hour.  Depending on the afternoons adventures this could be a HIIT class, a strength class or any combination that feels appropriate to your needs.
13:00 Lunch
Always healthy, always balanced.  We don’t agree with fad diets, everybody has different needs and different tastes, but everybody loves our chefs carefully selected dishes.
14:00 Activity
Off out for the afternoons main adventure.  We could be up a mountain, under the sea or floating on top of it.  All excursions are provided by fully trained highly experienced guides with the latest up to date equipment and safety the upmost priority.
17:00 Class
There’s nothing like finishing off the day with a gentle happy activity. Rebounding or walking as the sun sets are my personal favourites but with so many options it can be whatever your heart desires.
18:00 Dinner
A fantastic healthy meal, not too heavy but totally satisfying, you will not be hungry, you will not be disappointed, you will not want to eat anywhere else ever again.
20:00 Yoga
Let’s get settled down and bring into your heart all these amazing experiences that you have collected today.


Sup it up…

Enjoy a walk through the national park with views across the Med as you meander down to a stunning beach, turquoise water and your awaiting instructor.  The Med offers a beautifully smooth surface, perfect for stand up paddle boarding with warm water and stunning coastlines for you to gently explore while getting a good workout.


Kayaking the Coast!

Working together with experienced instructors and guides we have incredible tours that involve hidden covers, beautiful beaches, cathedral like sea caves and snorkeling in the warm crystalline waters joining the huge variety of colourful marine life.



Whether it’s  HIIT or toning, core or rebounding, classes are carefully designed and supervised for all levels and abilities. We have the facilities to be inside or outside and all instructors are carefully chosen to ensure optimal results in a safe and fun environment.

Corporate fitness at Oodles


Get on your bike!

Stunning coastal roads and pathways that can take you up to the mountains and down to the beach.  This area is regularly used by the top riders and enthusiastic amateurs because of its diversity of routes and spectacular scenery.  Having the luxury of our on-site bikes gives you the opportunity to venture a little further should you feel the need.  There are many routes and plenty of sights to see and cycling gives you a fantastic low impact workout while still giving so many benefits.


Mountain Hikes!

We have a number of peaks in the region that are just waiting to be conquered.  Follow us up established routes and ancient pathways and experience incredible views as you literally will be feeling on top of the world.



If you like to get out and do a little extra exercise we have a few gentle walking routes around the retreat. Quiet roads and beautiful scenery can create an energizing power walk or a relaxing stroll. 



Yoga for body mind and soul will include therapeutic yoga, yin yoga and yoga flow.  All the classes have a different focus including hips, spine, legs, upper body, chakras, breath and the mind. 


Treatments & Therapy

During your retreat, we offer you a choice of therapies and treatments.
Our experts are available to you exclusively.
So many treatments to choose from you’ll want to extend your stay.


Choose Life”Adventure” Retreat